In order to reach our goals, each member of the learning community must accept responsibility.


  • Will be held to high standards of courtesy, decency, clean language, honesty, and consideration of others;
  • Must come to school prepared to learn and to perform to the best of their abilities;
  • Must obey all school rules, act responsibly and accept the consequences of their behavior;
  • Are expected to respect themselves, each other, adults, personal and school property.


  • Are expected to teach and nurture all the children at Mupu School;
  • Are expected to help the children develop emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically;
  • Are expected to welcome parent involvement in the education and school life of their children;
  • Are expected to be observant and to notify parents if any problems arise;
  • Are expected to model and hold scholars to high standards of courtesy, decency, clean language, honesty, and consideration of others


  • Are responsible for the moral and ethical values of their children.
  • Are responsible for teaching proper manners at home to ensure good behavior at school.
  • Should send their children to school properly washed, dressed, with a good breakfast, adequate sleep, and in good health.
  • Should send a lunch or buy a school lunch for their children.
  • Are expected to set aside homework time, create a conducive place to study, and to make sure that children complete the assignments.
  • Are expected to review and comment on their children’s work folders or progress reports.
  • Are expected to work with and support teachers in their efforts to teach their children.
  • Are expected to initiate consultation with teacher and/or principal if they notice problems at home which may be associated with school or which may affect a scholar’s behavior or study habits at school.
  • Are expected to participate actively in their children’s education. This involvement may take many forms and opportunities will be addressed by your children’s teachers, principal, and the Mupu Parent Club.
  • Must provide school with accurate emergency information- see website.